My 15 years of professional experience extends to resolving disputes and litigation in the real estate sector of the Gulf Region in general and the U.A.E. in particular, and the GCC countries. Today, I’m a very highly respected litigators in these regions. Alongside this, I also ventured into procedures relating to the incorporation of companies based in the U.A.E and elsewhere.

Al Jazeera AdvocatesAl Jazeera Advocates – Dubai Best Lawyer

Al Jazeera Advocates  pride themselves on their complete knowledge of the laws and regulations.  Therefore, applicable to their home jurisdiction and the commercial community abroad. In addition,  assists multinational companies and family-owned businesses in establishing operations in the region.

Emphasis on local knowledge and abilities has been and will continue to be a critical component of all Al Jazeera Advocates offices. The firm continues to build on the AJ Advocates model of providing comprehensive legal and advocacy services.  Ability to litigate on behalf of clients directly in their local courts. This gives all Al Jazeera Advocates a service level advantage over firms in the region that clients truly need and appreciate.