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    Location :

    Online Webinars

    Duration :

    4 Weeks

    Fee :

    PKR 25,000.00

    E-Commerce Online Course Feature

    Live Online E-Commerce (4 Sessions)

    E-commerce course is essential for companies looking to expand its market share. This contemporary course can help business owners and managers in understanding the functions of e-commerce and its use in the business. Organizations can choose to send their employees for e-commerce training as on-the-job training. This training course could be a life changer for those who use traditional marketing systems, by educating on how the cost and effort involved in business growth can be reduced while enjoying higher profits. This course aims to provide a practical understanding of the most essential techniques and tools of e-commerce. 

    • Basic of e-commerce
    • Complete WordPress Setup
    • Web Themes & Plugin Setup
    • E-Store Functionality Setup Payment Method
    • Understanding Customers Requirements
    • Increasing Traffic via Search
    • Increasing Traffic via Paid Media
    • Live E-Commerce Testing